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Challenge yourself

MMA Kuopio gym is located in Siikaranta 9 (same as Oheisharjoittelukeskus). In our gym you can practise thaiboxing, MMA and submission wrestling. With one payment you can participate every lesson, if you have participated in the basic course or you have required skills for it (consult your instructor).

How to begin

f you don’t have any experience you can start with the basic course of your chosen style. During the course you’ll learn the basic techniques and get in better shape. The basic course lasts two months, twice a week and after that you can train with the advanced group. We arrange 2–4 basic courses per year. Check our website or for new basic courses. Or just contact us. If you have experience you can start training with the advanced group right away.


You can find our latest timetable from here

Contact us

Jari Parviainen / p. 044 793 8657 / mmakuopio(at)